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Lucile Basso | Graphiste & Illustratrice | Graphisme & Illustration | Freelance | Paris (75) Levallois (92) Toulouse (31) | Identité visuelle | Illustration de livres | Illustration de magazines | Stickers 


▹ 2018, PARIS

Bijoux de Famille is a french high-end  French jewelry brand created by Julie Pasquet. She loves to play with anything crossing her hand, endlessly transforming, ennobling and sublimating things around her.

Her moto: offsetting materials, techniques and subject matters. She loves poking fun with adornment, to create jewelry what is not.

Collection FW18/19: European Dream

Necklace collection

This necklace collection is made with Swarovski's pearls and synthetic leather on which designs are printed.

My mission: Visual designs on Photoshop, printing tests with jewelry adjustments. The most complex part was to create images from real banknotes considering frames in the background.

Collection FW18/19: European Dream

Photographic campaign

My mission: Staging, photography and editing on Photoshop.

Collection FW18/19: European Dream

New character production

Julie Pasquet loves to create jewelry with famous characters further illustrated for necklaces, earrings and keychains. 

My mission: Illustration of Marie-Antoinette on Illustrator, printing tests with jewelry adjustments.

Website launching


My mission: Editing and animation of photographies on Photoshop.