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Develop your unique image, assert your own brand to gain impact!

As an illustrator and graphic designer,

I create custom illustration, graphic design

and visual identity projects.

✎ Skills

Lucile Basso | Graphiste & Illustratrice | Graphisme & Illustration | Freelance | Paris (75) Levallois (92) Toulouse (31) | Identité visuelle | Illustration de livres | Illustration de magazines | Stickers 

Engraving I can engrave on glass (perfume bottle), metal, mirror and plastic.

For this service, I work with Cobalt Creation.

☺ Experience

I work as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer for 3 years. ​

I had the opportunity to use my skills in graphic design, illustration & animation for designers such as Julie Pasquet (Bijoux de Famille) and Maud Vantours. Given the specificities of each project, I have found the way to match my customer's world in order to offer a careful and rigorous service. 

♡ Personal work

 ​My artist name is Fouitch (pronounced: [Fweetch]).

My graphic universe is inspired by my passion for Japanese Kawaii culture and its pastel yet vibrant colors. I like to cutie-fy provocative illustrations with a light tone and an ever-lasting sense of humor.

Before I start to draw, I spend some time scribbling on a piece of paper what I have in mind. It allows me to bring up some new ideas. I draw on my computer from simple shapes that I distort and modify until I get the line I want. I have a soft spot for symmetry while keeping a touch of delicacy. To me, colors are as important as lines, to steer emotions in the spectator’s eye. 


Being a woman in the 21st century, I believe I have an easy and healthy relationship with the female body, which I enjoy staging in a playful and attractive way.

 Gouache painting I discovered gouache painting during my art preparatory year. Since then, I have enjoyed putting my digital illustrations on canvas! 

Embroidery :  I discovered embroidery during a course at Seize Paris. On the program, 10 hours of complete course to learn the basics and progress a little more each week. I was able to learn the basic stitches (front, back, chainette, stem), filling techniques based on a floral motif (flat pastel, flat pastel, looping, rose stitch, knot stitch), as well as bead and sequin embroidery. 

☏ Contact

Let's work together !

E-mail :

Tel : +33 6 19 96 11 24


Discover my lasts posts of my Instagram page.

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